Alan Ashton

How Died:War Operations
Incident Date:24/12/1944
Incident Address.139 Abbey Hills Road
Died Address:139 Abbey Hills Road
Grave Details:I-9/112
Grave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Oldham (Greenacres) Cemetery
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born during the September quarter 1942 in the
Oldham R.D. - ref: 8d/912, the son of Ida Ashton.

1939 National Registration - 139 Abbey Hills Road,
Oldham.  (1) William Ashton - Married - born: 30th
October 1876 - occ: General Builders Labourer. 
(2) Mary E. Ashton - Married - born: 11th June
1896 - occ: Unpaid Domestic Duties.  (3) Ida
Ashton - Single - born: 12th November 1912 - occ:
Hospital Nurse.  (4) Mary Brierley - Single -
born: 3rd February 1920 - occ: Ring Doffer Cotton
Spinner.  (5) Edward Clark - Single - born: 12th
January 1923 - occ: Tuber Cotton Spinner.  (6)
Arthur Ashton - Single - born: 29th April 1924 -
occ: Little Piecer Cotton.  (7) Record Redacted 
(8) George Ashton - born: 3rd August 1932 - At

Death Certificate states that he was the son of
Ida Ashton and that he died at the Royal
Infirmary, aged: 16 months.

The three members of the Ashton family (Alan,
George & Mary Ellen) who died in the Abbey Hills
Road incident were initially buried at the Oldham
(Hollinwood) Cemetery on the 29th December 1944.  
 Along with the remains of 7 Unidentified persons,
they were buried in Communal grave - Section: K19
- Grave: 158/9.

On the 13th October 1954, their remains were
exhumed and reburied in Oldham (Greenacres)
Cemetery in Section: I-9 - Grave: 112.   The
remains of the 7 Unidentified persons were
cremated at this time and placed in a casket at
the foot of the Ashton Grave.

CWGC - of 139 Abbey Hills Road. Son of Ida Ashton.
Died at 139 Abbey Hills Road.

Oldham (Oldham MBC)
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