John Singleton

Incident Date:23/12/1940
Incident Address.106 Bigland Street, Ordsall Lane
Died Address:106 Bigland Street, Ordsall Lane
Grave Details:Communal
Grave Photo:Yes
Cemetery or Memorial:Salford (Agecroft) Cemetery
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
CWGC - of 106 Bigland Street. Son of Hannah
Singleton, and of the late William Norris
Singleton. Died at 106 Bigland Street.

Commemorated on the I.C.I. Broughton Works
Memorial, Agecroft.

Bigland Street Incident, Ordsall.

A land mine killed 11 adults and four children
when it landed between numbers 94 and 106 Bigland
Street.  It wiped out five members of the
MOORHOUSE family residing at number 106.

At least 12 of the 15 are buried in the Salford
Communal Civilian Grave in Agecroft Cemetery, four
of whom could not be identified.   Two teenage
friends at 89 Bigland Street decided to go back
into their house and make a pot of tea when the
explosion occurred.  They were killed instantly
and are amongst the unidentified.  Two of those
killed were serving Air Raid Wardens.
The street is no longer in existence, but it ran
parallel south-east of Ordsall Lane just before
Regent Road.  It was intersected by South Hall
Street and Woden Street which are still there. 
The bomb-site is now a car park.

Salford (City of Salford)
Memorials found on:
I.C.I. Broughton
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