Mary Redfern

Incident Date:02/10/1940
Incident Address.4 Hatherlow Street
Died Address:4 Hatherlow Street
Grave Details:C/360
Grave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Stockport Cemetery
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
CWGC - of 4 Hatherlow Street. Widow of N. Redfern.
Died at 4 Hatherlow Street.

Bombing Raid on Various Districts of Greater
Manchester - 2nd October 1940

The "Raid Summary Report" for Manchester for the
night of the 2nd October 1940 shows that a total
of 41 bombs were dropped from 4 or 5 aircraft. 
The "Assumed Targets" were - Salford's Railways &

Purple Warning (later abandoned) 22.21 hrs.    Red
Warning 22.38 hrs.   White (all clear) Warning
00.55 hrs.

Bombs dropped: 16 x 50 kg H.E.   11 x 250 kg H.E. 
 2 x unknown weight H.E.   12 x 250 kg Oil bombs. 
  13 of those were dropped onto Stockport.

Bomb No. 33 was a 250 kg H.E. bomb that was a
direct hit on a corner house, referred to in the
report, as a slum.   The bomb penetrated into the
cellar.   Five houses were demolished and four
persons killed.

Further details of this raid on Stockport can be
seen under "Memorials" - "Stockport Air Raid -
October 1940".

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