Harry Davies

Rank:Policeman - Special ConstableNumber:221
Incident Date:22/12/1940
Incident Address.Croston Street, Old Trafford
Died Address:Withington Hospital
Grave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Blackley Jewish Cemetery
Town Memorial:Stretford WW2 Book
Extra Information:
Born as Harry Sniderman on the 21st January 1891,
to Russian born - Hyman & Jane Sniderman.    
Harry Changed his name from Sniderman to Davies.

1891 Census - 47 Fernie Street, Manchester.   Son
- aged: 3 months - born: Manchester.   Head of
household - Hyman Sniderman - Married - aged: 30 -
occ: Self employed as a Dealer in Clothes - born:
Russia.   Fanny Sniderman - Wife - aged: 28 -
born: Russia.  Plus 2 children - Simon (b.1890); 
HARRY (b.1891).  

1901 census - 284 Rochdale Road, Manchester.    
Son - aged: 9 - born: Manchester.     Head of
household - Hyman Sniderman - Married - aged: 43 -
occ: Self employed as a Second Hand Clothes Dealer
- born: Russia.   Fanny Sniderman - Wife - aged:
38 - born: Russia.  They had six children, aged
from 11 down to 2.    Simon (b.1890);  HARRY
(b.1891);  Louis (b.1893);  Rose (b.1895);  Wolf
(b.1897);  Sarah (b.1899).

1911 Census - No Trace.   Hyman & Jane Sniderman
were still residing at 284 Rochdale Road,
Manchester.   Hyman was now aged: 52 and self
employed as a Second Hand Clothes Dealer - born:
Russia.  Jane, his wife was aged: 48 and also born
in Russia.  They had six children, aged from 21
down to 6.     Simon (b.1890);  Rose (b.1895; 
Wolf (b.1897);  Sarah (b.1899);  David (b.1903); 
Abram (b.1906.

Harry changed his surname to DAVIES.

Married Betsy Morris during the March quarter 1926
in the Manchester South R.D. - ref: 8d/291 and
they resided at 176 Stamford Street, Old Trafford.
 Harry & Betsey produced five children:-  Walter,
Brenda, Sheila, Norman and Dorothy.  Sheila Davies
married - Leslie Gottlieb and has made a youtube
film about her family's experiences at the time of
this bombing incident.  

Harry joined the Police as a Special Constable on
the 28th February 1939.

1939 National Registration - 176 Stamford Street,
Old Trafford.   Harry Davies - born on the 21st
January 1891 - Married - occ: Master Tailor &
pecial Constable.  Bessie Davies - born on the
25th January 1902 - Married - occ: Unpaid Domestic
Duties.   Walter Davies - born on the 20th April
1921 - Single - occ: Shop Assistant (Outfitters). 
 There are two redacted records at this address,
due to the 100 year rule.

Actually died at Withington Hospital from injuries
sustained at Croston Street on the 22nd December
1940.  He sustained a terrible injury to his thigh
from shrapnel at approx 7.15pm on 22nd December
1940 from a Land Mine that landed on the East
Union Police Station whilst on duty outside.  Six
policemen died in this incident.  If he could have
been taken to hospital he would undoubtedly have
survived but because of the air raids he was taken
at around 10.00pm to a communal air raid shelter
where his children were. There was nobody there to
administer first aid. One lady wrapped a pinafore
around the top of his leg to stem the bleeding but
to no avail. When the bombing stopped he was taken
to Withington Hospital where he lingered on until
1.00am on 24th December 1920 when he passed away.

Death registered in Manchester City - ref:

Commemorated on the Stretford Borough Police
Memorial, the Lancashire Police Memorial and the
Stretford Borough Book Memorial.

See also the Lancashire Constabulary Roll of

CWGC - Special Constable. Son of the late Hyman
and Jane Shniderman (spelt with an 'h'), of 59
Stretford Road, Hulme; husband of Bessie Davies,
of 176 Stamford Street, Old Trafford. Injured 22
December 1940, at Croston Street; died at
Withington Hospital, Nell Lane.

Hyman Sniderman died on the 3rd September 1925, he
was then residing at 59 Stretford Road, Hulme.  He
was buried in the Jewish Cemetery at Urmston.  
Jane Sniderman died on the 28th March 1931 and was
also listed as living at 59 Stretford Road, Hume.

Stretford (Trafford MBC)
Memorials found on:
Stretford WW2 Book
Stretford Borough Police
Lancashire Constabulary
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