Stanley Bradley

Rank:Air Raid Warden
Incident Date:14/11/1940
Incident Address.Buxton Road Public Air Raid Shelter
Died Address:Buxton Road Public Air Raid Shelter
Grave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Not Known
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
CWGC - Air Raid Warden. Husband of Phyllis
Bradley, of 68 Countess Street, Heaviley. Died at
Buxton Road.

Air Raid over Stockport 14th November 1940

One or two aircraft flying north-east to
south-west dropped their bombs from an altitude of
between 9,000 and 11,000 feet.

A bright moonlit night and the Red Warning went
out at 22.49 hrs - White Warning (all clear) at
23.59 hrs.

A total of 16 High Explosive bombs were dropped,
together with 60 x 1 Kg Incendiary Bombs.

Bomb No. 5 was a direct hit onto a 50 person
public air raid shelter situated at the corner of
Davenport Park and Buxton Road.  The shelter was
31 feet long x 10 feet wide.    The two men inside
were only 11 - 12 feet away from the point of

Stanley was the only person to be killed in this
raid.  A second person was pinned down by the
debris, but was only slightly injured.  Two houses
were damaged.

Stockport (Stockport MBC)
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