Lucy Bamford

Incident Date:30/07/1944
Incident Address.Regatta Street
Died Address:Salford Royal Hospital ???
Grave Details:25/375
Grave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Salford (Agecroft) Cemetery
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born Lucy Parkinson at Lower Crumpsall in 1872.  
She married John William Bamford during the
December quarter 1896 in the Oldham R.D. - ref:
8d/1053.   Lucy was John's second wife, his first
wife - Isabella, died at the beginning of 1896.

1901 Census - 31 Gladstone Street, Middleton.   
Wife of John William Bamford - aged: 29 - occ:
Laundress (Starch Clothes).    John William -
aged: 44 - occ: Polisher Cotton Yarn.    Plus 3
young daughters Lily, Alice & Edith and Thomas -
John's son from Isabella.

1911 Census - 20 Laundry Street, Pendleton,
Salford.     Wife of John William Bamford - aged:
38.   John William - aged: 55 - occ: Cotton
Polisher.   Plus 6 children - Lucy, Alice & Edith
and now - John, Frank & Joseph and Thomas - John's
son with Isabella.

Her husband - John William Bamford died during the
March quarter 1916 in the Salford R.D. - ref:
8d/11 - aged: 59.  It must have been very
difficult bringing up her family on her own in the
years between the wars.

Received fatal injuries when the Lancaster Bomber
PB 304, fully loaded with 9,000 lb of bombs,
crashed at Pendlebury while the pilot was
attempting to make an emergency landing on
Littleton Road playing fields. 

Its wings hit a row of terraced houses on Regatta
Street, causing the plane to hit the banks of the
River Irwell and settle there near Langley Road.
There was apparently a brief pause, before a
tremendous boom when the payload of bombs caught
fire.  The explosion was so loud that it was
reportedly heard eight miles away.   The crew of
seven were all killed, as were three civilians.

According to Lucy's grandson - Joe Bamford in his
book "The Salford Lancaster", his grandmother was
downstairs sorting out some washing in the back
room when she was hit by flying glass.   She was
taken to Salford Royal Hospital where she died two
weeks later.    Joe informs me that Lucy actually
died at 61 Tennyson Street, Salford, the home of
her eldest daughter, Alice.

CWGC of 61 Tennyson Street, Pendleton. Widow of
John William Bamford. Died at 61 Tennyson Street.

Salford (City of Salford)
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