Mabel Isabel Bolt

Incident Date:22/12/1940
Incident Address.61 Nora Street, Lower Broughton
Died Address:61 Nora Street, Lower Broughton
Grave Details:Section 15 Grave 996
Grave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Salford (Agecroft) Cemetery
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born on the 3rd November 1914 in the Salford R.D.
- ref: 8d/200, the daughter of Frederick Clement &
Florence Agnes Willshaw  (nee Williams).

In 1911 her parents were residing at 8 Waddington
Street, Salford, along with their three children
and is probably where Mabel Isabel was born?

Married William Bolt during the March quarter 1935
in the Salford R.D. - ref: 8d/382.

1939 National Registration.   105 Pemberton
Street, Manchester.   William Bolt - Born on the
25th August 1911 - Married - occ: Production
Progress Worker.   Mabel Isabel Bolt - Born on the
3rd November 1914 - Married - occ: Waterproof
Clothing Machinist.  There is one redacted record
at this address.

Death registered during the December quarter 1940
in the Salford R.D. - ref: 8d/923, aged: 26.  Her
mother - Florence Agnes Willshaw was also killed
in this incident.

CWGC - of 92 Nora Street, Broughton. Wife of Gnr.
William Bolt, R.A. (killed in same incident). Died
at 61 Nora Street.

Her husband - William Bolt was at home on leave
from the Royal Artillery for Christmas.

Notes on Willshaw, Bolt and Newton Families:-

The Willshaw, Bolt and Newton Families’ tragic
involvement at 61 Nora Street, Salford on the
night of the 22nd/23rd December 1940:-

I am informed that according to the family story,
Florence Agnes Willshaw's husband – Frederick
Clement Willshaw was a foreman at Salford docks
and was working a night shift on the night of 22nd
December. He was also an A.R.P. Warden for the
Docks.  Their daughter Doris Willshaw was at her
fiance’s house for the evening discussing her
planned wedding due in February 1941. The bombs
started dropping at about 8.00pm and at this time
they refused to let Doris return home as it was
too dangerous and she spent the night there.
Frederick spent the night working around Salford
Docks and helping the families and bombed houses
in that area.

Back home at 61 Nora Street, when the air raid
siren sounded, Florence's married daughter –
Mabel Isabel Bolt, her husband - William Bolt, her
other married daughter - Lilian Newton and her
husband - Edward Newton, all made their way to No.
61's Anderson Air Raid Shelter in the back garden
which took a direct hit from the bomb.   [Although
Anderson Shelters saved many lives around the
country, they were not designed to take a direct

When Frederick returned to Nora Street the
following morning he was not allowed access to
Nora Street. Doris tried to return home at around
8.00 am and a journey that should have taken 15
minutes took over an hour due to the disruption of
the bombing. When she arrived at Adelphi Bridge
over the River Irwell she was denied access and
had to go the long way round trying to get through
by Peel Park; she was not allowed in there either
and spent the day wandering around the streets and
visiting make shift mortuaries to see if she could
identify any bodies as those of her family.  She
stated that make shift mortuaries were all over
the city in church halls and school halls. About
4.30 pm merely by chance she met up with her
father Fred who was doing the same. With nothing
else available to them they got some blankets and
slept in Peel Park for the following 2 nights.

On Christmas day 25th December Frederick went back
to Nora Street and gained access to it, where
there was a young soldier guarding the area as the
house at No 61 was totally destroyed. Initially
the soldier would not allow him on to the site
stating that it was too dangerous however
Frederick informed him that his family were still
in there and with the help of some local men they
dug the bodies out of the bombed Anderson shelter.
There were only three coffins available and so all
5 bodies were placed in these three coffins. The
five were buried together at Agecroft cemetery on
1st January 1941.

I understand that the family of Frederick Clement
& Florence Agnes Willshaw, comprised:

Elsie Victoria (b.1907)
John Leonard (b.1908 – d.1918)
Lilian (b.1910 – d.1940)
Mabel Isabel (b.1914 – d.1940)
Frederick C. (b.1918 - d. 1925)
Leonard (b.1921 – d.1924)
Doris (b.1923)

I am most grateful to Howard Milligan for much of
the above personal information.  Howard's wife is
a descendant of those killed in this incident.

Salford (City of Salford)
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