Thomas William Dale

Rank:Policeman - Detective Sergeant
How Died:Murdered (Manslaughter)
Incident Date:20/03/1941
Incident Address.58 Whitworth Road, Rochdale
Died Address:58 Whitworth Road, Rochdale
Cemetery or Memorial:Not Known
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born on the 8th September 1901, the birth being
registered during the September quarter 1901 in
the Stoke on Trent R.D. - ref: 6b/272, the son of
William & Sarah Ellen Dale (nee Dunbavond).

1911 Census - 20 Lytton Street, Stoke on Trent,
Staffordshire.   Son - aged: 10 - Scholar - born:
Meir, Staffordshire.    Head of household -
William Dale - Married - aged: 35 - occ: Waggoner
- born: Fulford, Stoke on Trent.   Also - Sarah
Ellen Dale - Wife - aged: 40 - born: Warrington.  
Plus 4 younger brothers and an elder half-sister.

Married - Rose H. Rochford during the June quarter
1926 in the Stoke on Trent R.D. - ref: 6b/488.

1939 National Registration - 20 Faulkner Avenue,
Rochdale.   Thomas W. Dale - Married - born on the
8th September 1901 - occ: Detective Sergeant.  
Rose H. Dale - Married - born on the 27th January
1901 - occ: Unpaid Domestic Duties.  Gordon R.
Dale - Single - born on the 23rd April 1932 - At

He joined the Rochdale Police Force in July 1923
and transferred into the Detective Branch in
November 1926.

At the time of his death, he resided with his wife
and son at 20 Faulkner Avenue, Rochdale.

There had been a report of an explosion in the
shop premises at 58 Whitworth Street, Rochdale in
the occupation of William Bury.   D.S. Dale
together with his colleague - D.I. Harry Saul
Stables  were carrying out a search warrant of the
premises when an explosion took place, instantly
killing D.S. Dale.   D.I. Stables survived long
enough for him to be conveyed to hospital where he
died the next day.   A Detective Constable Seade
was injured in the explosion with a broken arm and
various other wounds.   The occupier - William
Bury was also injured with facial wounds.  
Raymond Howarth Bury, aged: 18 of 31 Ventnor
Street was charged with breaking and entering a
warehouse in Hudson Street on the 16th November
and stealing a sub-machine gun, 1,200 rounds of
ammunition and 12 hand grenades.  Raymond Bury had
hidden the munitions in a box in his cellar.  The
lid of the box had been booby trapped to explode
on opening the lid.   As D.S. Dale opened the lid
the munitions exploded killing him instantly and
his D.I. died of his injuries the following day.

A plea of Manslaughter was accepted by the Court
and Raymond Howarth Bury was sentenced to seven
years penal servitude for the offence.


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