Rose Hill

Incident Date:11/04/1941
Incident Address.8 Ashburton Road, Southsea, Portsmouth
Died Address:8 Ashburton Road, Southsea, Portsmouth
Cemetery or Memorial:Not Known
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born as Rose Close during the March quarter 1919
in the Rochdale R.D. - ref: 8e/71, the daughter of
George Alfred & Mary Theresa Close (nee Blomley).

Her mother - Mary Theresa Close died in 1921,
aged: 39.   Her father married Doris Allison Pugh
during the March quarter 1929 in the Rochdale R.D.
- ref: 8e/50.    George Albert Close died in 1939,
aged: 63.   

Rose married Roland Hill during the June quarter
1940 in the Rochdale R.D. - ref: 8e/64.  Sub.
Lieutenant Roland Hill was the son of Alderman and
Mrs. James Hill of Falinge Road, Rochdale.

1939 National Registration - The remains of her
family are recorded as residing at "Lauriston",
158 Manchester Road, Rochdale.   Doris A. Close
(step-mother) - Married -  born on the 25th
January 1898 - occ: Unpaid Domestic Duties.   
Richard B. Close (brother) Single - born on the
20th April 1906 - occ: Engineer.   Guy Close
(brother) - Single - born on the 5th November 1909
- occ: Relief Manager Cinema Circuit.   Isabel
Norah Close (sister) - Single - born on the 8th
August 1917 - occ: Unpaid Domestic Duties.   There
is one redacted record at this address which will
be Rose herself born in 1919.   The record should
be opened up in 2019.

Following her marriage, Rose joined the Women's
Land Army and continued as a land worker until
early in 1941.   In February 1941, she moved down
to the south coast to be closer to her husband.  
On Good Friday, Sub-Lieutenant Hill was on duty
and his wife was alone in their flat.   Rose was
the only person residing at the address and it
took the rescue party until Monday before they
found her body which was only recognisable by an
inscription on her wedding ring.

Report of her death appeared in the 10/04/1941
edition of the Rochdale Observer.

CWGC - Of 55 Falinge Road, Rochdale.   Daughter of
George A. Close of Lauriston, Manchester Road,
Rochdale.  Wife of Sub-Lieutenant R. Hill Royal
Navy. Died at 8 Ashburton Road, Southsea,

Rochdale (Rochdale MBC)
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