Ernest Joseph Taylor

Rank:Fire Watcher
Incident Date:12/10/1941
Incident Address.11 Incline Road, Hollinwood
Died Address:11 Incline Road, Hollinwood
Grave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Not Known [Bardsley Parish Churchyard???]
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born during the March quarter 1925 in the Ashton
under Lyne R.D. - ref: 8d/1150, the son of Ernest
& Nellie Taylor (nee Cumberbatch).

1939 National Registration.    St. Luke's School
House, Cheetham Hill Road situated next to 282
Cheetham Hill Road in front of the WW1 Veterens
houses of Temple Square)    Ernest Taylor - born
on the 30th March 1894 - Married - occ: Verger.   
Nellie Taylor - born on the 25th June 1896 -
Married - occ: Unpaid Domestic Duties.   Ernest J.
Taylor - born on the 15th February 1905 - Single -
occ: Butcher.    There were 3 redacted records at
this address.

CWGC - Firewatcher; of 11 Incline Road,
Hollinwood. Son of Ernest and Nellie Taylor. Died
at 11 Incline Road.

Extracted from the M.I. database on the Manchester
& Lancashire FHS website:-

Ernest TAYLOR died Jan 17 1975 aged 79. Nellie his
wife died Aug 14 1980 aged 82. Ernest Joseph their
son aged 16 killed in enemy action Oct 12 1941
from friends of Cheetham Hill. [MI No 634 ]
(Bardsley Parish Church).


German Bombing Raid on Oldham the night of the
12th/13th October 1941

According to the Ministry of Security's Bomb
Census for the raids of the 12th/13th October
1941, a total of 26 H.E. bombs fell on Oldham that
night.  19 exploded and 7 were U.X.Bs.  There were
no oil bombs dropped nor any incendiary bombs.

Red Warning was sounded at 23.06 hrs on the 12th
and White (all clear) at 00.58 hrs on the 13th.

There was no Balloon Barrage in place over Oldham
that night.  Visibility was 'Fair' and there was
no cloud cover.

15 German aircraft took part in the raid at
heights of 5,400 feet and 16,700 feet.  The
aircraft criss-crossed over the area - at 23.10
hrs on the 12th and at 00.10 hrs on the 13th.

A total of 27 civilians were killed in this
bombing raid.  A summary of these 26 bombs can be
seen under "Memorials".

Oldham (Oldham MBC)
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