Sadie Frances Ebbitt Rayment

Incident Date:13/10/1941
Incident Address.62 Manley Road
Died Address:62 Manley Road
Grave Details:B13/80
Grave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Oldham (Greenacres) Cemetery
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Born on the 18th April 1885 as Sadie Frances
Ebbitt Selby at East Cambridge, Boston, Mass,
U.S.A., the daughter of Alfred & Catherine Selby
(nee Ebbitt).

1901 Census - 49 Webster Street, Oldham,
Lancashire.   Daughter - aged: 15 - occ: Cotton
Card Room Hand - born: United States.    Head of
household - Alfred Selby - Married - aged: 47 -
occ: Rent Collector - born: Dukinfield, Cheshire. 
 Also - Catherine Selby - Wife - aged: 47 - occ;
Rent Collector - born: Ireland.   Plus 3 younger

1911 Census - 49 Webster Street, Oldham.  
Daughter - aged: 25 - occ: Cotton Card Room Hand
Small Tenter - born: Boston, U.S.A.   Head of
household - Alfred Selby - Married - aged: 57 -
occ: Doctor's Collector of Rents - born:
Dukinfield, Lancashire.   Also - Catherine Selby -
Wife - aged: 57 - born: Co. Fermanagh, Ireland.  
Plus 2 younger sisters and 2 nephews.

Married Ernest Rayment at St. Paul's P.C., Oldham.
  The mariage being registered during the
September quarter 1911 in the Oldham R.D. - ref:
8d/1248.  [listed as Sadie F.E. Selby].

1939 National Registration - No Trace of either
the Selby or Rayment families.

CWGC - of 62 Manley Road. Wife of Ernest Rayment.
Died at 62 Manley Road.

Sadie's nephew informs me that Sadie and her
husband - Ernest, went into a cupboard under the
stairs, which was always understood to be the
safest part of the house to shelter under during
air raids.   A H.E. bomb landed in the house next
door causing Ernest & Sadie's house to collapse. 
When the Rescue Services eventually dug them out,
Ernest was found to be on top of Sadie, who was
badly cut about the head.  Although no other
injuries were obvious, the blast had caused her to
gasp for breath and she had choked to death on her
false teeth.  Ernest survived the ordeal and died
at Oldham in 1954, aged: 88.


German Bombing Raid on Oldham during the night of
the 12th/13th October 1941

According to the Ministry of Security's Bomb
Census for the raids of the 12th/13th October
1941, a total of 26 H.E. bombs fell on Oldham that
night.  19 exploded and 7 were U.X.Bs.  There were
no oil bombs dropped nor any incendiary bombs.

Red Warning was sounded at 23.06 hrs on the 12th
and White (all clear) at 00.58 hrs on the 13th.

There was no Balloon Barrage in place over Oldham
that night.  Visibility was 'Fair' and there was
no cloud cover.

15 German aircraft took part in the raid at
heights of 5,400 feet and 16,700 feet.  The
aircraft criss-crossed over the area - at 23.10
hrs on the 12th and at 00.10 hrs on the 13th.

A total of 27 civilians were killed in this
bombing raid.   A summary of these 26 bombs can be
seen under "Memorials".

Oldham (Oldham MBC)
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