Walter Harris

Incident Date:12/04/1918
Incident Address.Morson's Row, Whelley Road, Wigan
Died Address:Morson's Row, Whelley Road, Wigan
Grave Photo:No
Cemetery or Memorial:Not Known
Town Memorial:Not Listed
Extra Information:
Walter was carrying his two-year-old son
downstairs when he was hit in the stomach by a
bomb splinter.  He was disembowelled, suffering
terrible injuries from which he died.  The child
died instantly when a bomb fragment shattered its

During the night of the 12th/13th April 1918,
Zeppelin L61 came across from the east passing
south of Sheffield and headed towards Cheshire. 
It was reported over Northwich where Anti-aircraft
guns protecting Brummer Mond Works opened fire on
it.  The airship then turned north passing over
the River Mersey at Runcorn.   Their first bomb
that night landed beside the 5th milestone along
the Warrington to Prescot Road at Bold.  Spotting
the glare from the Wigan Coal & Iron Company's six
blast furnaces he headed towards them.   Still
heading in a northerly direction, the airship
crossed the Leeds & Liverpool Canal in the centre
of Wigan dropping bombs on Darlington Street East,
Clarington Grove and Harper Street where its bombs
killed Samuel & Jane Tomlinson.   Continuing
northwards, bombs were dropped on Schofield Lane,
Cecil Street and Platt Lane, the latter being
where Margaret Ashurst was killed.   It next
struck at Whelley Brow at the rear of 187 Whelley
Road on a row of 12 cottages known as Morson's Row
where Walter Harris and his infant son was killed.
  It then headed north-east over Little Hulton,
then on an easterly route, south of Bolton and
Rochdale before heading back to the North Sea.    
 [Zeppelins were given the name "Baby Killers" -
rather apt in this case].

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